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The Wolves will have a dedicated weekly training session for each of its teams.  We encourage players who have a conflict with their Wolves team's training schedule to train with another Wolves team to fulfill their mandatory weekly training commitment, and players will often train with two Wolves teams to further their development.   Our technical director has created a curriculum and a system of play that is consistent across all of our teams and age groups, so players learn and practice the same concepts with all the members of the Wolfpack.

Since 2014

The Wolves are a futsal club only. By committing to the Wolves, you are helping to improve your soccer skills, as well as the soccer teams you play for. When in season for futsal, we expect you to be fully committed to the Wolves. If a Wolves training or match does not interfere with any out-of-season training for your soccer teams, we have no issues.

Official Puma Club

Every action is faster in futsal. So, the speed of decision making is increased when playing futsal and this helps train youth soccer players to think better when on the field. The majority of possessions in futsal are quick 1 or 2 touch combinations with teammates.

Style & Speed

Futsal is played on an indoor court with boundaries while Indoor Soccer is played on a turf field with walls. The players in futsal are more likely to develop their foot skills without relying on a wall for support. The main difference is the ball; slightly smaller with bounce restriction.


Meadowbrook School

10 Farm Rd 

Weston, MA


Cape Cod Community College

2230 Iyannough Rd

Barnstable, MA

Cape Cod

Downtown Sports

240 Cottage St

Franklin, MA


St. John's Prep

72 Spring St

Danvers, MA

North Shore

Wolves Den

340 Oak St

Pembroke, MA

South Shore

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The Wolves train weeknights between 5:30 and 9:00 pm. Trainings are typically one hour in length and are intense and detail-oriented. U10 and U12 teams typically train at the earlier time slots and U14 and U16 teams at the later time slots.

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