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The Wolves have a dedicated weekly training session for each of our teams.  Our technical director has created a curriculum and a system of play that is consistent across all of our teams and age groups, so players learn and practice the same concepts with all the members of the Wolfpack.

What We Learn

Futsal is played on an indoor court with boundaries while Indoor Soccer is played on a turf field with walls. The players in futsal are more likely to develop their foot skills without relying on a wall for support. The main difference is the ball; slightly smaller with bounce restriction. Every action is faster in futsal. So, the speed of decision making is increased when playing futsal and this helps train youth soccer players to think better when on the field. The majority of possessions in futsal are quick 1 or 2 touch combinations with teammates.


"My son has learned discipline, commitment, hard work; all the elements that make sports so rewarding. That's really what's made the Wolves special for him."

- Cory, Parent

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