Meet the Staff

The Wolves Futsal Club staff is comprised of professionally licensed FUTSAL coaches. We pride ourselves on our staff having REAL knowledge about the sport of futsal. All of our leaders regularly coach soccer but it's the fact that they are licensed in the sport of futsal that sets our staff apart.

Jesse Vann

Zach Rocha


Combine Jesse's love of the Wolverhampton Wanderers with Zach's passion for basketball, soccer, and education and now you know why we HOWLLLLL!!!!!

Keith Beaty

Technical Director

Possessing an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Keith is a UEFA 'A' licensed soccer coach who speaks Brazilian Portuguese fluently and teaches the Pack not only how to score, but also how to dance and celebrate.

John Power

Director of Communication

Ivy League educated, former professional team owner, high school varsity head coach, and town club president; just John's background in a nutshell.


Keith Beaty


James Boden

Cape Cod

Mike Galvin


Brad Sullivan

North Shore

Doug Burns

South Shore

Open Positions

Wolves Futsal Club expects more than 20 teams for the 2019/2020 season. If you are interested in helping to educate our Pack, please let us know.

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